We are always “in between” something: child to adult, here to there, sadness to gladness, singleness to marriage, slave to free, ignorance to knowledge, life to death. My goal is to capture those moments in my life.


I want to challenge you, my brothers and sisters! We were suited for our armor, we were trained to yield our Sword, we were given the best defensive tools possible. We are trained assassins, prepared to slay sin and darkness in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of His Spirit. You are called to be a full time warrior. You are called to be a full time missionary. It is simply not enough to have good Christian friends, attend a good church and be involved in cool Christian activities. It is simply not enough to sit in a Christian bubble. It is simply not enough to walk around, being kind to people, showing them God’s love through your actions and praying for them in the quiet of your own room. All of these things are a part of the mission — but, you and I are called to so much more. We are called to SHARE THE GOSPEL! You cannot make Jesus’ name famous if you don’t ever say His name to those who don’t know it.

The Gospel is offensive. The Gospel is risky. The Gospel is unsafe. The Gospel is scary.
BUT, The Gospel is the only way. The Gospel is beautiful. The Gospel is good news. The Gospel IS sinful, filthy, broken people, a powerfully just God, a perfectly redeeming Savior and a permanently sealing Spirit. You are called to make disciples of all nations — that includes our own, right now. So, GO! You are never ready enough on your own, so accept the Grace, be empowered by His strength and GO!

Words of Morgan C.


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